Admissions Office

Here to guide you.

Our Admissions staff at Humphreys University assist students through the application and admission processes so that they can become undergraduate or graduate students. Admissions staff assist students with completing requirements for admission, coordinating placement test examinations, and selecting first quarter courses.

What we do

Provide pertinent information regarding the University. 

Guide and direct students through the enrollment process.

Assist with scheduling first-quarter classes.

Explain programs and degree options available.

Provide regarding student support services available. 


Explain admission requirements for program of interest. 

Meet the Admissions Team

Santa Lopez-Minatre

Tite: Director of Admissions
Phone: (209) 478-0800

April Huerta

Tite: Special Programs Coordinator
Phone: (209) 478-0800

Julie Walker

Title: Admissions & Career Counselor
Campus: Modesto
Phone: (209) 543-9411

Olivia Gaston

Title: Admissions Support Specialist
Campus: Stockton
Phone: (209) 478-0800

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Forms & Documents

Access forms & documents in one place.

You can find forms and documents for Admissions office, Student Services, and Registrar’s office here.

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